Whether you have an asphalt shingle, slate, tile or flat roof, we can repair or replace your existing roof.

Are you looking to improve your home’s exterior with new siding? Look no further than Shane Fisk Roofing! We offer Dutch lap, clapboard, wood shake, vertical and stone siding to fit your needs.


Gutters need repaired or replaced? We’ve got you covered! We offer both commercial grade and residential grade gutters.


Is your roof leaking around your chimney flashing? Does your chimney have porous masonry? Shane Fisk Roofing can repair and/or replace your chimney!


Benefits of Gutters

Gutter maintenance and repair is extremely crucial to keeping your home functioning properly. Even one small leak can pool and erode your home’s foundation. If you have a house with trees that fall onto the roof and into the gutters, guards can be helpful in preventing clogs that can cause water to back-up and expensive foundation problems. We are happy to help you if there is a clog and repair any areas that are leaking, but we can help prevent all that by installing gutter guards, too.

New Gutter Installation

We will make sure that your gutters truly need replaced before we agree to do it. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning them, sealing and cleaning the joints, and installing gutter guards can go a long way to having gutters last as long as their anticipated average of 20 years.


Chimney Repair & Rebuilds (Masonry)

Some DIY projects are best left to the professionals who perform the task frequently. Chimneys are one of those things. Masonry isn’t a craft for just anyone, and you want the result to be safe for the family. Water damage is the primary concern, which can result from rain or melting ice and snow. With the contraction and expansion when water thaws and refreezes, leaks can occur. We stop the water leaks around the chimney so that you don’t have to worry about your home’s foundation.

We utilize manufacturers with products made from the highest quality materials and
backed by strong warranty programs, so you can have peace of mind with your investment.